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Square aluminum Pole
Pole Shaft
The pole shaft is a seamless 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion having a uniform wall thickness of 0.250", 0.188", 0.156" or 0.125". The sides of the shaft may be drilled for mounting luminaire fixtures. All aluminum alloys shall comply with metallurgical and mechanical properties set forth in the Aluminum Association Standards.
Base Plate
An oval reinforced gasketed handhole, having a nominal 3" x 5" inside opening, located 1' - 6" above base, is standard on all poles. A grounding provision is located inside the handhole ring.
Anchor Bolts
Anchor bolts are fabricated from commercial quality hot rolled carbon steel bar that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi. Four properly sized anchor bolts, each with two regular hex nuts and washers, are furnished and shipped with all poles unless otherwise specified.
An oval reinforced gasketed handhole, having a nominal 3" x 5" inside opening, located 1' - 6" above base, is standard on all poles. A grounding provision is located inside the handhole ring.
The Standard Finish is a polyester thermosetting powder coating applied to the surface of the substrate to a minimum of 3 mils for all color finishes.

When ordering KW lighting standards, mounting adaptors and accessories, be sure to specify the complete catalog number. Our catalog numbers reflect the precise specifications of the item ordered to ensure our customers will receive the product which meets their exact requirements.
The following explanation of the catalog numbers will be helpful in placing orders:


Catalog Number Nominal
Pole Shaft Thickness Handhole
Anchor Bolt Bolt
SAP08-4.0-1184.0 x 8.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 913.510.58730Configure
SAP10-4.0-11104.0 x 10.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 910.5864.534Configure
SAP12-4.0-11124.0 x 12.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 986.54.52.538Configure
SAP14-4.0-11144.0 x 14.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 96.553.51.543Configure
SAP15-4.0-11154.0 x 15.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 964.530.545Configure
SAP16-4.0-11164.0 x 16.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 95.542.5047Configure
SAP16-4.0-7164.0 x 16.0 73 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 98.56.55265Configure
SAP18-4.0-11184.0 x 18.0 113 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 9432052Configure
SAP18-4.0-7184.0 x 18.0 73 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 97.55.54172Configure
SAP18-5.0-7185.0 x 18.0 73 x 51 x 36 x 4 1112.59.572.589Configure
SAP20-4.0-7204.0 x 20.0 73 x 50.75 x 17 x 3 964.53177Configure
SAP20-5.0-7205.0 x 20.0 73 x 51 x 36 x 41110.585.51.597Configure
SAP20-6.0-7206.0 x 20.0 73 x 51 x 36 x 4 13.5161293.5121Configure
SAP20-6.0-3206.0 x 20.0 33 x 51 x 36 x 4 13.522.517136.5151Configure
SAP25-5.0-7255.0 x 25.0 73 x 51 x 36 x 4117531118Configure
SAP25-6.0-7256.0 x 25.0 73 x 51 x 36 x 4 13.511.585.52147Configure
SAP25-6.0-3256.0 x 25.0 33 x 51 x 36 x 4 13.516.5128.52185Configure
SAP30-6.0-7306.0 x 30.0 73 x 51 x 36 x 4 13.58530173Configure
SAP30-6.0-3306.0 x 30.0 33 x 51 x 36 x 4 13.5128.55.52219Configure


BRZ    Bronze    
BLK    Black    
GRY    Gray    
GRN    Green    
WHT    White    
P    Primed    
NA    Natural Aluminum    


   Tenon Mount  
2    2 3/8'' x 4'' TENON    
3    2 7/8'' x 4'' TENON    
3.5    3 1/2'' x 6'' TENON    
4    4'' x 6'' TENON    

   Drill Mount  
DM10    Drilled for 1 Luminaire    
DM2090    Drilled for 2 Luminaires @ 90º    
DM2180    Drilled for 2 Luminaires @ 180º    
DM3090    Drilled for 3 Luminaires @ 90º    
DM3120    Drilled for 3 Luminaires @ 120º    
DM4090    Drilled for 4 Luminaires @ 90º    

BC    Base Cover    
NC    Nut Covers    
CPL    Threaded Coupling*    
NPL    Threaded Nipple*    
LAB    Less Anchor Bolt    
LAB    Less Anchor Bolt    
VD    Vibration Damping Pad**    

   Optional Handholes  
58HH    5'' x 8'' Handhole*    
410HH    4'' x 10'' Handhole*    

   Extra Handholes  
XHH    Extra Handhole*    

   Embedment Pole Options  
E    Embedded Pole    
GS    Ground Sleeve    

For Embedment Poles:
Recommended Mounting HeightRecommended Embedment Depth
Less than 20'4'
20' - 33'6'

Greater embedment depths are available upon request.

* Please advise size, location, and orientation. (Handholes are restricted by size of pole shaft diameter)
** VD is standard on all poles greater than and equal to 20 feet.

Immediately after coating, the lighting standard including the baseplate shall be wrapped in heavy corrugation specially designed and sized to achieve maximum protection in transit.
KW Industries, Inc. coating process system and stringent quality control procedures provide our customer the finest quality lighting standards in the industry.

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