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AMB - Wood Pole Gain Mount Luminaire Adaptors

The luminaire adaptor arm shall be fabricated from 3 �� x 3 �� x 3/8� commercial grade angle and 4� channel for attachment to wood pole. The 3, 4 and 5 luminaire adaptors are furnished with angle brace supports. Mounting hardware for attaching the adaptor to the pole will not be supplied.

[Mounting Options & Configurations]
The adaptor arm shall be furnished to accommodate a luminaire mounted onto a 2� schedule 40 pipe tenon or a drill mount pattern with limited perpendicular hole spread. Adaptors are available with luminaire mounting spreads of 30� and 36�

All exterior metal surfaces are mechanically cleaned to remove all oxides and contaminants prior to coating. The standard finish is a polyester thermosetting powder coating applied to the surface of the substrate to a minimum of 3 mils for all color finishes. Galvanizing is available upon request.

No. of Luminaires Catalog Number Configuration Weight 100 MPH
3AMB-3-180-30-DM-(F)-WP 180902.1Configure