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[Pole Shaft]
The pole shaft is two section design, each section being fabricated from standard 11 gauge (0.1196"), 7 gauge (0.1793"), or 3 gauge (0.2391") steel. The pole shaft material is a weldable grade hot rolled commercial quality carbon steel with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi after fabrication. Each section is one-piece construction with a full length longitudinal weld and is square in cross-section having a uniform taper of 0.10 inches of diameter change per foot of length.

[Anchor Bolts]
Anchor bolts are fabricated from commercial quality hot rolled carbon steel bar that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi. Four properly sized anchor bolts, each with two regular hex nuts and washers, are furnished and shipped with all poles unless otherwise specified. Anchor bolts shall have the threaded end galvanized a minimum of 8 inches in accordance with ASTM A-153. Fully galvanized anchor bolts are available upon request.

[Base Plate]
The anchor base is fabricated from structural quality hot rolled carbon steel plate that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi. The anchor base telescopes the pole shaft and is circumferentially welded top and bottom. All welds are performed in accordance with the American Welding Society specification AWS D1.1, latest edition.

An oval reinforced gasketed handhole, having a nominal 3" x 5" or 4" x 6-1/2" inside opening, located 1'-6" above the base, is standard on all poles. A grounding provision is located inside the handhole ring.

All exterior metal surfaces are mechanically cleaned to remove all oxides and contaminants prior to coating. The standard finish is a polyester thermosetting powder coating applied to the surface of the substrate to a minimum of 3 mils for all color finishes. Galvanizing is available upon request.


   P - Primer
G - Hot Dipped Galvanized
BZ - Bronze Finish Color
BK - Black Finish Color
CT - Custom Color
GN - Green Finish Color
WH - White Finish Color
GY - Gray Finish Color
LA - Dark Natural Aluminum
LM - Natural Aluminum
G/BK - Black over Galvanized
G/BZ - Bronze over Galvanized
G/GN - Green over Galvanized
G/GY - Gray over Galvanized
G/LM - Natural Aluminum over galvanized
G/CT - Custom over Galvanized
G/WH - White over Galvanized


   OT - Open Top
PC - Pole Cap
2 - 2 3/8 OD Tenon
3 - 2 7/8 OD Tenon
3.5 - 3 1/2 OD Tenon
4 - 4 OD x 6 Tenon
DM10 - Drilled for 1 Luminaire
DM29 - Drilled for 2 Luminaires at 90º
DM28 - Drilled for 2 Luminaires at 180º
DM39 - Drilled for 3 Luminaires at 90º
DM49 - Drilled for 4 Luminaires at 90º

* Standard location for DM10 is 90 to the right of the handhole.


   WPRP - Festoon Opening
XHH - Extra Handhole
CPL - Threaded Coupling
NPL - Threaded Nipple
VDI - Vibration Damper Internal
VDI - Vibration Damper Internal
BC - Base Cover
NC - Nut Covers
LAB - Less Anchor Bolt


Catalog Number Pole Shaft
(in.) x (in.) x (ft.)
Bolt Circle
Anchor Bolt
(in.) x (in.) x (in.)
Handhole Size
80 MPH
90 MPH
100 MPH
Ship Wt.
20THP40007204.00 x 3.50 x 20.0780.75 x 30 x 33 x 5221713236Configure
20THP64411206.44 x 4.46 x 20.01112.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5241712386Configure
20THP64407206.44 x 4.46 x 20.0712.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5645040404Configure
20THP73211207.32 x 5.34 x 20.01113.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5413124439Configure
20THP73207207.32 x 5.34 x 20.0713.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5715543543Configure
25THP40007254.00 x 3.50 x 25.0780.75 x 30 x 33 x 513107328Configure
25THP64411256.44 x 3.97 x 25.01112.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5241712404Configure
25THP64407256.44 x 3.97 x 25.0712.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5463427485Configure
25THP73211257.32 x 4.85 x 25.01113.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5282014481Configure
25THP73207257.32 x 4.85 x 25.0713.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5544132605Configure
30THP40007304.00 x 3.50 x 30.0780.75 x 30 x 33 x 5742356Configure
30THP64411306.44 x 3.47 x 30.01112.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.515106434Configure
30THP64407306.44 x 3.47 x 30.0712.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5322418528Configure
30THP73211307.32 x 4.35 x 30.01113.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.517128602Configure
30THP73207307.32 x 4.35 x 30.0713.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5241712759Configure
35THP73211357.32 x 3.86 x 35.01113.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.517128602Configure
35THP73207357.32 x 3.86 x 35.0713.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.5241712759Configure
39THP73211397.32 x 3.46 x 39.01113.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.51284611Configure
39THP73207397.32 x 3.46 x 39.0713.51.00 x 36 x 44 x 6.518138801Configure