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BH - Square Bullhorn Luminaire Adaptors

The luminaire adaptor arms are fabricated from 3 1/2" square 11 gauge tubing and the tenons from 2" schedule 40 pipe. The tubing and pipe are made from commercial grade hot rolled carbon steel.

[Mounting Options & Configurations]
The pole tenon adaptor boot shall be available to fit either 2" or 3" schedule 40 pipe pole top tenons. Adaptors shall be manufactured with two, three or four light configurations. Adaptors with two, three or four luminaire mounts are available in a 180° straight line. The adaptor with three luminaire mounts is also available in a 120° configuration. The adaptor with four luminaire mounts is also available in a 90° configuration. For catalog number logic, see chart below. For configurations, see depicted illustrations. Special adaptors with various tenon spacing, tenon O.D. and configurations are readily available.

All exterior metal surfaces are mechanically cleaned to remove all oxides and contaminants prior to coating. The standard finish is a polyester thermosetting powder coating applied to the surface of the substrate to a minimum of 3 mils for all color finishes. Galvanizing is available upon request.

No. of Tenons Catalog Number Configuration Weight 100 MPH