The exterior surface is cleaned with an alkaline rinse to remove surface contaminants and shot blasted to specifications as published by the Steel Structures Painting Council Standards SSPC-SP10 (near white). The exterior surface is chemically pretreated with an iron phosphate conversion coating then rinsed with ambient fresh water containing special surfactants and sealers forming a dry tight micro-crystalline coating. is a special powder coating formulated from a unique combination of polyester resins designed to exhibit superior outdoor weatherability, durability and gloss retention and is fusion-bonded to a uniform 8 mil finish. The internal surface including the powder coated area at the base-end is coated with , a thermoplastic hydrocarbon resin system specially formulated for application over untreated steel surfaces, to a thickness of 3 mils. The internal coating shall contain special corrosion inhibitors and is capable of passing 1000 hours of salt spray exposure (ASTM B-117).